ARICE´s overall aim is to provide Europe with better capacities for marine-based research in the ice-covered Arctic Ocean.


ARICE aims at reaching this goal with the existing polar fleet by:


1) Networking:

ARICE will develop strategies to ensure the optimal use of the existing polar research vessels at a European and international level. The aim is to establish an International Arctic Research Icebreaker Consortium which shares and jointly funds ship time for scientists on the available research icebreakers.


2) Transnational access:

ARICE will provide transnational access to four European and two international research icebreakers. Access is granted based on scientific excellence of the research proposals, which researchers need to submit during the application process. The participating icebreakers are:

  • PRV Polarstern, Germany
  • IB Oden, Sweden
  • RV Kronprins Haakon, Norway
  • MSV Fennica, Finland
  • CCGS Amundsen, Canada
  • RV Sikuliaq, United States of America


3) Joint research activities:

ARICE will improve the research icebreakers’ services by working closely together with maritime industry on a so called “ships and platforms of opportunity” programme. Through this programme, commercial vessels operating in the Arctic Ocean will collect oceanic and atmospheric data on their cruises. At the same time, science and industry will work together to explore new technologies, which can improve ship-based and autonomous measurements in the Arctic Ocean.  ARICE will also implement virtual and remote access of data via an innovative 3D Virtual Icebreaker, which will provide anyone with real-time information from the Arctic.


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