Trans-national access will be provided to selected ‘user-groups’, i.e. teams of one or more researchers (users) led by a ‘user group leader’. Proposals for access to ARICE Research Icebreakers will be accepted for evaluation if they meet all of the following six strict criteria:

  1. (ONLY APPLICATIONS TO POLARSTERN) Proposals must include an Endorsement Letter from MOSAiC: Potential participants are encouraged to start this endorsement process as early as possible; the endorsement process is expected to take 3 weeks from the submission of the request for endorsement until endorsement is confirmed. More information under:
  2. Affiliation (1): The user group leader and the majority of the users must work in a country other than the country the requested infrastructure is based. For example, a user group leader (or Principal Investigator) working at a German institution is entitled to apply for ship-time in the frame of ARICE on all of the listed ARICE vessels except the PRV Polarstern, as PRV Polarstern belongs to a German institution. This requirement ensures that access to RV and equipment is transnational.
  3. Affiliation (2): More than 50% of the users within each user group and embarked team must work in an institution established in a EU or associated country1. Access for user groups with a majority of users not working in a EU or H2020 associated country is limited to 20% of the total amount of access provided under the grant, and thus access to these user groups may be rejected to keep within the quota.
  4. International cooperation: proposals must involve at least three partners from three different countries. This requirement supports the spirit of international cooperation and opens opportunities to newcomers. Larger partnerships are encouraged for the proposals partnerships, for the embarked scientific party and as well for the remote participation of partners for data treatment and exploitation.
  5. Training: Proposals must include an advanced training or educational programme for early career scientists or technicians.
  6. Dissemination: Only user groups that are entitled to and willing to disseminate the knowledge they will generate under the project are eligible to benefit from access free of charge to the infrastructures under the ARICE flag, unless the users are working for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). User groups must agree to comply with the ARICE data policy.

The non-fulfilment of any of the previous criteria implies the non-acceptance of the proposal for further evaluation.

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