The results for ARICE Call for ship-time propsals 2018 has now been published. Eleven proposals were submitted to the ARICE call for proposals, only one of them not complying with the eligibility criteria. Ten proposals were sent for external review (with the aim of 3 external reviews per proposal).

A meeting took place among the Scientific Liaison Panel end of September 2018 to reach a consensus on the evaluation and a ranking of the proposals. All the submitted proposals were ranked as EXCELLENT but only three have been selected by the panel for funding.

Sea-ice association of polar cod and its prey in the western Arctic Ocean (GO-WEST)

DEvelopment of snow/ice/ecosystem models using winter-to-summer ARctic observations of coupled snow, ice, and ecosystem processes (DEARice)

Permafrost Carbon on the Beaufort Shelf (PECABEAU)

While GO-WEST and DEARice have been allocated a vessel and time slot, the proposal PECABEAU is still pending a logistic confirmation, due to unforeseeable uncertainties in the vessels schedule.

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