The ARICE team DEArice is now on board the icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsyn in Tromsø for the MOSAiC Expedition leg 2. DEArice is one out of eleven proposals submitted to the ARICE call for ship-time in the 2018 call and selected by the ARICE´s Scientific Liaison Panel for ship-time funded on the MOSAiC expedition.

The project is on “DEvelopment of snow/ice/ecosystem models using winter-to-summer ARctic observations of coupled snow, ice, and ecosystem processes (DEARice)“. Martin Schneebeli, Polona Itkin and Dmitry Divine are in the project group boarding the icebreaker. They will be using the most modern instruments to measure how snow, sea ice and the associated ecosystem interact and develop. To read the full description of the DEArice project click here.

Both photos were taken by Ein Vinje Jenssen at NPI

 Researchers on pier before departue Kapitan Dranitsyn

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