The presentation webinar for the case studies from the APECS-APPLICATE-YOPP online course will take place tomorrow from 2 pm GMT (convert to your local time zone here).

Below you can find the preliminary list of talks:

  1. Local infrastructure: Flash floods in Alaska and the Canadian North
  2. (Warming induced) Greenland ice sheet mass loss: Potential consequences for mid-latitudes with a focus on the possibility of a tsunami occurrence in Scotland
  3. Sea ice and biodiversity: The 2012 Record Low Sea Ice Minimum and its Effect on Arctic Biodiversity
  4. ENSO and the Arctic climate
  5. Heatwaves and fires in Sweden in 2018
  6. Renewable energy production in the Arctic: Hydropower production in Iceland

Please use this link ( and as it is with registration, we ask you to log in no later than 30 mins before the start of the webinar tomorrow, Wednesday, December 4, at 2 pm GMT.

After registration, you will receive the final link to join in an extra e-mail.

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