An article written by Helge Goessling (AWI), Axel Schweiger (Univ. Washington), Thomas Krumpen (AWI), and the Sea Ice Drift Forecast Experiment team (SIDFEx Team) “A Stone´s Throw Away from the North Pole“ on drifting through the ice on the MOSAiC expedition was recently published on the website.

The MOSAiC drift campaign has been going on for four months and in the article speculations on how far north the expedition will drift or if they will drift even further North then predictions forecasted are discussed. “On Sunday, February 23rd  2020, the MOSAiC expedition onboard the icebreaker RV Polarstern reached 88.5987°N, besting the northernmost point of Fridjof Nansen’s expedition 125 years ago by more than two degrees. While Nansen’s goal was to reach the North Pole, MOSAiCs science plan has no specific interest in this target. Nevertheless, being so close, the question how close to the pole MOSAiC will get is on the mind of participants and observers. Is the camp destined for a continuation of its straight course toward the Fram Strait, named after Nansen’s ship, or could the expedition still pass the pole on the “other side”, across the date line?“

In the planning for the MOSAiC drift the use of complex weather and climate models running on supercomputers that simulate the evolution on the environment based on the laws of physics are important for predictions. In the article it is emphasized that the use of forecasts from more than a dozen systems from many countries to increase the accuracy are really important. To read the full article please click here.  

Source:, figure from the article.

Figure from the article on Meereisportal

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