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C-band scatterometer experiment during the ArcticNet 2009 Expedition

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Barber, David
Start Date: 15-07-2009
End Date: 16-11-2009
Citation: unpublished data
Abstract: General description: A C-band polarimetric scatterometer was used to collect the backscattering signatures of new ice, first year ice, and multiyear ice in as many forms as possible during the fall freeze-up and winter period in Southern Beaufort Sea and Amundsen Gulf. This instrument is mounted on the port side of the ship (CCGS Amundsen) and the backscattering signatures were collected in conjunction with geophysical sampling of the region that was scanned in an attempt to provide the physical reasons for the electromagnetic interactions. This variable will be used in modeling studies and in coordinating in situ measurements with satellite data. Methology: The scatterometer measured the backscatter from the surface of interest. Incidence angles ranged from 20 to 60 degrees in 5 degree steps, with a swath of 60 degrees in the azimuth. Several scans were collected for statistical purposes (generally 5). Either during the scans, or immediately afterwards, geophysical sampling was performed in and around the region of the scan in order to gather ground truth data. Geophysical data are summarized in three metadata forms: CCIN Reference No 10108, 10097 and 1555. Data type: The dataset contains unprocessed and processed polarimetric data as a function of incidence angle. To gather backscattering data in a series of incidence angles over all possible forms of sea ice in the fall freeze-up and in the early part of the winter. Data were collected concomitant with the ice and snow physical sampling in order to provide ground-truth data for the remote sensing experiment.
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