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Pesticides in the Canadian Archipelago: 1. St. Lawrence River and Labrador Sea

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Bidleman, Terry
Start Date: 29-07-2007
End Date: 05-08-2007
Citation: Wong, F., Jantunen, L., Pucko, M. Papakyriakou, T., Stern, G., Bidleman, T., 2011, Air-Water Exchange of Anthropogenic and Natural Organohalogens on International Polar Year (IPY) Expeditions in the Canadian Arctic, Environment Science and Technology, 2011, 45, 876¿881.
Abstract: Continuous air samples were collected on Leg 1 of the CCGS Amundsen cruise in 2007 using a high volume air sampler that drew air through a glass fibre filter followed by two polyurethane foam plugs. Water samples were collected by filter water through a glass fibre filter followed by a solid phase absorbent. Samples were extracted back at the laboratory followed by analysis using a gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer. Data generated included concentration of semi-volatile contaminants in air and water and chiral signature of chiral components. Air and surface water samples were collected to determine the occurrence and levels of banned organochlorine pesticides and currently used pesticides. With this data the air-water gas exchange direction and net flux can be estimated.
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