ARICE data

Ice Beacon Drift in Nares Strait, Baffin Bay

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: David Barber
Start Date: 23-08-2013
End Date: 30-12-0000
Citation: Unpublished data. ArcticNet 2013, Amundsen Cruise
Abstract: Ice beacons were installed on first and second-year ice floes and tabular icebergs in the summer-fall transition in 2013 in Nares Strait. Beacons were installed on both tabular icebergs and ice floes to determine the drift patterns of both. These instruments are position-only beacons and transmit their location via an iridium satellite platform at least every hour. This data is continuous and data collection is only finished when the beacon has reached the end of its life cycle. A total of 12 beacons were installed on ice floes and icebergs. The dataset contains multiple csv files based on beacon ID. To determine the drift of sea ice and icebergs in Nares Strait in Baffin Bay. This data will also help determine how drift impacts the formation of the North Water Polynya.
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