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Floating microplastics surveys off SW Greenland, 2018

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Edinger, Evan
Start Date: 06-08-2018
End Date: 06-08-2018
Citation: Edinger, E., Liboiron, M., de Moura Neves, B., Wareham-Hayes, V. and Archambault, P. (2019) Floating microplastics surveys off SW Greenland, 2018. Waterloo, Canada: Canadian Cryopsehric Information Network (CCIN). Unpublished data.
Abstract: Floating microplastic particles were measured in surface seawater above the shelf-slope break off SW Greenland. Four replicate tows of a Manta surface trawl with 200 micron mesh were carried out from CCGS Amundsen. This site was chosen to correspond with ROV camera surveys of deep-sea corals, and to assess transportation of plastics in surface currents or from shipping. Samples were frozen for later analysis. To measure abundance and composition of surface microplastics in continental shelf waters off SW Greenland
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