ARICE data

Ground penetrating radar data collected during the ArcticNet 2009 Expedition

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Barber, David
Start Date: 15-07-2009
End Date: 16-11-2009
Citation: unpublished data
Abstract: General description: Several spot validations and transects were performed in order to examine the limitations of our GPR system and to collect data for future analysis and modeling studies. Our system had three separate units operating at different frequencies (250 MHz, 500 MHz, 1 GHz) such that we have the ability to use frequency as an analysis parameter. Methology: Spot measurements were conducted in order to validate the correct operation and for modeling studies. In several cases the units were used in a transect mode (i.e. towed behind a snowmobile) in order to validate the thickness of the runways that were built on the sea ice for crew changes. Thicknesses were validated using ice augers and geophysical data is to be inferred from the collected ice and snow physical data from the same station (same pan of ice). Data type: The dataset contains the raw data in the form of B-scans and must be analyzed using the proprietary software provided by the manufacturer (Sensors&Software). Comments on the collection of the data were also collected. To validate the use of Ground penetrating radar (GPR) over first year ice in the fall freeze-up and in the early part of the winter. In the simplest form, the goal is to measure the thickness of snow and sea ice distributions in the Southern Beaufort Sea and the Amundsen Gulf, and to validate the measurements with physical sampling.
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