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Organic Contaminants in Canadian Archipelago: Central and Western, 2014

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Jantunen, Liisa
Start Date: 13-08-2014
End Date: 10-09-2014
Citation: Unpublished data
Abstract: Air, water and sediment samples were collected from on board the CCGS Amundsen and passive water samplers were deployed on the moorings in the summer of 2014 as a part of ArcticNet and Northern Contaminants Program (NCP). These samples were collected to determine the occurrence and levels of legacy pesticides and new and emerging priority compounds under the Canadian Chemical Management Plan. Analysis was done by gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer (GC-MSD) and liquid-chromatography mass spec mass spec (LC-MS/MS). The objectives of this project are: 1) to determine current concentrations of priority pollutants to compare with future concentration; 2) to assess how existing and new long-lived pollutants are transported to the arctic, what happens to them once they are there, and how they enter the food web; 3) to assess changes in pollutant levels in the Canadian Archipelago over time and thus determine the effectiveness of Canadian and international regulations to reduce emissions of certain long-lived pollutants; and 4) to understand how climate change influences how these chemicals move in the environment.
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