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2016 ROV video survey (Dive 52) in a deep-water environment at North East Saglek Bank (Labrador, Canada) aboard CCGS Amundsen

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Edinger, Evan
Start Date: 21-07-2016
End Date: 21-07-2016
Citation: Edinger, E., de Moura Neves, B., Archambault, P., Hillaire-Marcel, C., Dove, R., Dinn, C., Sherwood, O., Dufour, S., Leys, S., Davin, S., Wareham, V. and Azetsu-Scott, K. (2017) 2016 ROV video survey (Dive 52) in a deep-water environment at North East Saglek Bank (Labrador, Canada), aboard CCGS Amundsen. Waterloo, Canada: Canadian Cryospheric Information Network (CCIN). Unpublished Data
Abstract: A video-survey (Dive 52) using a Super Mohawk remotely operated vehicle (ROV) was conducted in July 2016 at Saglek Bank (Labrador, Canada). The benthic environment was video-recorded and photographed using a high-definition camera (1Cam Alpha, Sub C Imaging, 24.1 megapixels) mounted on the ROV, surveying depths ranging between 363-473 m. At this site, a video transect was prioritized over sampling, but 1 coral sample and 2 sponges were collected. At this location, three box-cores were deployed at two nearby sites, from which only a small sample was retained. Sea water was collected at several depth intervals from surface to near-bottom to determine calcium carbonate saturation. The main purpose of this survey was to collect video data to allow an assessment of invertebrate (e.g. corals and sponges) and fish biodiversity within the North East Saglek Bank area (Labrador, Canada), from where there are reports of high coral bycatch. Sampling of deep-water corals and sponges was another objective of the survey at this site.
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