ARICE data

Water column organic carbon data

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Lisa Miller
Start Date: 22-09-2002
End Date: 18-08-2004
Citation: L.A. Miller and N. Sutherland, CASES organic carbon data set, September 2002-August 2004, CCGS Radisson, CCGS Amundsen.
Abstract: Samples collected by rosette or hand-deployed niskin, directly transferred into acid-washed and backed glass vials with teflon-lined silicone septa caps, and frozen at -20 or -80 C. Analyses conducted by high-temperature catalytic combustion and calibrated again standards provided by the University of Miami. In 2002, all samples were total organic carbon (TOC), and in 2003-04, all samples were dissolved organc carbon (DOC, filtered through combusted GFF), and TOC was also collected at full stations at in surface waters at the overwintering site. Determination of the total carbon budget and fluxes in the Canadian Beaufort Sea.
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