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Geological Survey of Canada Offshore Geophysical Survey Tracks, Beaufort Shelf and Slope - Expedition Database

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Steve Blasco
Start Date: 01-01-2009
End Date: 31-03-2015
Citation: Geological Survey of Canada Offshore Geophysical Survey Tracks, Beaufort Shelf and Slope. Online Expedition Database. Unpublished data.
Abstract: This dataset includes track locations of geophysical data collected as part of research cruises conducted by, or for, the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic). Geophysical data types collected on AANDC (Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada) supported BREA (Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment) cruises include "light" reflection pinger-type seismics (Knudsen 3.5 kHz), and multibeam sonar bathymetry. Track locations were taken at anywhere from 30 to 5 second intervals. The supplied url navigates the user to the GSC "Expedition Database" which houses metatada on all GSC marine expeditions, including BREA - related Expeditions (cruises). BREA - specific expeditions are limited to numbers 2009804, 2010804, 2011804 and 2014804. Research cruise ship navigation data are collected and archived in order to show where the Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic) have conducted seabed surveys and to provide a reference location as well as the kinds of geophysical data collected during those surveys. This data is typically extracted (in ASCII format) to generate vector track lines in a variety of GIS formats. Additionally, the digital navigation data are often used to further process the raw digital geophysical data collected aboard the research vessels.
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