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Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment (BREA) Marine Fishes Project - Oceanographic data collected from the Canadian Beaufort Sea in 2013

Ship: CCGS Amundsen CA
Expedition: Other
Principal Investigator: Jim Reist
Start Date: 01-08-2013
End Date: 12-09-2013
Citation: Unpublished
Abstract: A 24-bottle rosette with Seabird SBE-25 CTD and ancillary instruments were used to collect water profile data along 11 transects (total of 74 stations) running from 40m to 1500m depths off the Mackenzie Shelf during August and September 2013. Ancillary instruments collected data on fluorescence (chlorophyll), dissolved oxygen and light transmission. Water profile data were also collected using an Oceanscience Underway CTD at intermediate locations (71 in total) between full rosette casts and along transects of the shelf break, Mackenzie Trough, and Amundsen Gulf. One of the main objectives of the Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment (BREA) is to understand and characterize habitats that may be associated with biota (i.e. fishes, primary producers, invertebrates, zooplankters etc.) in the Canadian Beaufort Sea marine environment. Oceanographic data were gathered at each sampling station in order to gather basic habitat information and to delineate water masses which may be associated with habitat for particular biota.
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