Summer/Autumn 2021 (from 1st May to 15th December)

Cruise starting from Finnish harbour to near Greenland sea or Fram Strait or Barents Sea.

map MSV Fennica

Scientific disciplines that can be addressed with this vessel: Marine Ecosystems, Physical Oceanography

Scientific limitations: fisheries cannot be supported

Berths available: 10

Working days: 7

  • Option 1: Proposals will be considered for a total ship time of 15 days “port to port” (Finnish port) with a maximum working time of 7 operational days.
  • Option 2: Proposals will be considered for 7 operational days in Greenland sea or Fram Strait or Barents Sea.

Vessel description:

Applicants are encouraged to discuss the initial feasibility of their work and details of the cruise while they prepare their application with the operator of MSV Fennica, Hanna Suutarla at

Other considerations:

  1. Although Fennica is not scientific equipped she is a great platform to develop marine research, especially for submarine vehicles. Scientific parties are requested to bring along the instruments they need for their research.
  2. Dedicated budget for travel and shipping expenses should not exceed 45.000€. In case of need of a higher budget for shipping instrumentation, please contact ARICE at
  3. The availability of MS Fennica still needs to be confirmed through an amendment to the ARICE proposal submitted to the EC, and no commitment can be made before the amendment is approved. Updates in this status will be published here.

MSV Fennica information page

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