RV Kronprins Haakon operational areas:

Proposals to RV Kronprins Haakon will be accepted to perform research associated with the annual survey cruise of the Norwegian Polar Institute in the Fram Strait. The total length of the expedition is expexted to be 3-4 weeks. Work will take place in the following geographic regions (following the preliminary schedule for RV Kronprins Haakon):

Fram Strait (15W-10E, 77-80N)

map RV Kronprins Haakon


  • August / September 2020
  • August / September 2021

Berths available: 7

Cruise days available: 7

Single activitiy: 7 days in 2020 or 2021 OR

Two years activity:

  • 3/4 days August/September 2020
  • 3/4 days August/September 2021

Vessel description: https://kronprinshaakon.hi.no/en/projects/kronprins-haakon/about-the-vessel/world-class-vessel

Scientific disciplines that can be addressed with this vessel:

  1. Atmosphere: Continuous in-situ profiling of the vertical dynamic, thermodynamic and aerosols/cloud microphysical properties by means of instruments operated from the ship (instruments need to be provided by the applicants).
  2. Sea ice:
    • Land-fast ice studies on the east Greenland shelf
    • Ridge ice studies
    • Helicopter surveys (helicopter not provided, and associated costs not covered by ARICE, requires advance planning of use of airspace)
  3. Ocean:
    • Profiling of ocean turbulence and mixing from ship-based observations
    • Marine optics (AOPs, IOPs) using ship-based profiling instruments
    • Novel water mass tracers
    • Glider missions
    • Deployment of moorings or additional instruments, e.g. with focus on ocean biogeochemistry, on existing moorings (deploy in 2020 and recover in 2021) (Instruments need to be provided by the applicants).
  4. Ecosystem and Biogeochemistry:
    • Phytoplankton and bacterial dynamics
    • Primary and bacterial production (ship-based experiments)
    • Dissolved organic matter composition
    • Acoustic surveys using ship’s instruments

Scientific limitations: Marine geology that would require sediment coring cannot be supported during these cruises

Applicants should discuss the initial feasibility of their research work before they prepare their application with Mats Granskog at and Laura de Steur at

Other considerations: Dedicated budget for travel and shipping expenses of equipment should not exceed 45.000€.

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